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등장인물 ; john crease, pita, lisa, sammy,

i could do with some impulse.

all my clients have kidnap and ransom insurance.

get someone cheap till you renew the policy and then fire the prick for whatever. incompetence.

this way, you won't be the only unprotected family in the neighborhood.


in my state, i couldn't guard a corpse.

it's rich guys flashing their cash. it's all for show.

you have to keep it under control.

the jap car industry is in the toilet.

in the toilet

- In a miserable, pitiful, or very unfortunate condition.

예문 I just can't find work with the economy in the toilet like this.


listen, my wife wants someone presentable and polite.

sixteen years of military experience extensive counterterrorism work.

if top professionals try to kidnap your daughter, i'll do the best i can but the service will be on par with the pay.

no one is to know about your drinking. that includes my wife.




i guess that makes me a bargain then, huh?

being black is that a positive or negative for a bodyguard in mexico?   /  time will tell.

there were 24 kidnappings in mexico city in the last six days.

i think that you know entirely more than you should.


sister anna, the headmistress.

no offense, but i regret that your profession needs to exist.

do you ever see the hand of God in what you do?

the bible says, 'be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good'


what happened to your hand?  /   it's a birth defect.

i'm being paid to protect you, okay?


i just wanted to make sure you have everything you need.

they can be tenacious when they want something.

maybe your husband should find somebody who's a little more sociable.

you're being paid to protect her and i'm confident that you'll do that.


it's hard to get used to the traffic down here.


what do you think that means?  what do you gotta do?

get faster off the blocks.

i never finish better than third.




i hate leaving her.


you flinched? the gunshot holds no fear.


that's not a smile. a smirk is different.


they were having some problems with their royal family not that long ago.

tomorrow after you drop off pita, could you take me to get my hair done?


i'm tough, creasy   /   no such thing as tough.


i'm a prisoner in the block until the gunshot sets me free.

don't smile, don't fool around if you want to win.


when we were young and he was younger all heads turned our way.

turn someone's head

- If something turns someone's head, it has an influence on how that person behaves, especially by making them too proud:

예문 Success has never turned her head - she's still the same simple unaffected girl she always was.


okay, i think now is a good a time as any.

i bought it with my own money.


it's not open for discussion, honey, okay?


i wouldn't be able to play piano, but i could still swim.

don't be a crybaby. you're tougher than that.

can you belch? can you burp?

you apologize to him, but you keep belching.

you'll offend every sensibility he has.




i'm jordan kalfus. i'm the family attoney.

i'm conducting the negotiations and we neither need nor want police assistance.

we're gonna handle this thing ourselves.

two police officers were killed during your daughter's abduction.

i have a written order from the public minister authorizing our participation un-officially.


you got four of them. all dead.


the girl will be returned exactly as she was taken.

but if you deviate from the process in any way

he's going through a very difficult time here, but he understands.


he's got a bad ticker. he's got a heart condition.

look, he's a nervous kid who doesn't respond well to stress.

samuel will remove his shirt and hold it out the window to i.d. the car.


especially when you have killed two corrupt cops.

if you keep your word, i will keep mine.

i'm very sorry for whatever happened to your nephew, but i beg you, please don't harm my daughter.

i'm sorry. i'm really sorry. i wish we had talked sooner.


Manzano was afraid the cops were gonna kill you.

it's a mess. somebody hijacked the drop, and the kidnapper's nephew was killed.


does that make me a suspect?   /   it would be convenient, but no.

bad judicial cops.

protected by a brotherhood.


let's take a ride by the crime scene.

she can follow us.


it protects high-ranking government officials, corrupt police and organized crime at a level that is too difficult for me to reach.

i want to expose them. talk to me, give me your story, then i can help you.


you'll be stateside by supper time.

i'm done killing. i told you that. anything else is yours.


couldn't find my bible. i thought it might be in here. /  i borrowed it.

it's a good thing. you hold on to it.

hold on to/onto sth/sb

- to keep something or someone that is important or useful:

예문 I held onto the tech shares after the stock market fell because I knew they would recover.

예문 You should hold on to her, she's too good to lose to a competitor.


my whole life, all i've ever thought about was what i could get for myself. even with my own baby.


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