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roy, eve,


i am focused only on the essential, to the exclusion of all else.

i will make only pragmatic decisions.

i will not allow my mind to linger on that which is unimportant.

i will not be vulnerable to mistakes.

your psychological evaluation has been approved.


take care, major. be careful.

roy, brovo post has got a robotic arm on 93 echo appears to be malfunctioning.

run some diagnostics. over.

officer ; affirmative, major. proceed.


control, i'm seeing a power surge on c-post.

atmosphere's too thin to stabilize.


this is a message from Spacecom. in light of the recent catastrophe your attendance is required for a debrief to be held in building 91, vandersteen base.

please note, this meeting will be classified 'top secret'.




this is lieutenant general rivas, director of US Spacecom spectial Ops.

you've done exceptionally well on all the assessment tests.

best not to subjet others to it. / fair enough.


what you are about to see are spectrogram images of neptune.

these are cosmic ray bursts.

that was taken just 11 days ago.

it released high-energy particles that caused a catastrophic power surge all over the world.


First manned expedition to the outer solar system, sir.

can you tell us how you handled your father's absence?

my mother was certainly distressed by it.

we have something that might come as quite a shock to you.


we believe a personal plea, from you to your father, might elicit a response.

what is happening out there is a crisis of unknown magnitude.


we're counting on you to help us found him.

count on

- To rely or depend on someone or something

예문 I was counting on getting a raise when I made the decision to purchase a house.

- To be confident of something; anticipate something

예문 We are counting on a great vacation this summer.


everything after that will be on a need-to-know basis.

on a need-to-know basis

- If you tell people something on a need-to-know basis, you only tell them the facts they need to know at the time they need to know them, and nothing more.


given the magnitude of the threat, a cover story is being formulated to avoid all panic.

absolute top secrecy must be maintained.


i was 16 when he left, 29 when he disappeared.

i'm coming at you from the Lima Project.

just on our way past jupiter and ultimately on to Neptune.

namely, we're about to answer the number one question, when do we find all the intelligent life out there?

never been done before, and we sure are optimistic.




you drove your poor mother nuts, but...

drive (one) nuts

- To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation.

예문 A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me nuts.

예문 That loud beeping noise is driving me nuts.


colonel, for what it's worth, i think my father's dead.

a voyage of exploration can be used for something as simple as escape.

i'm telling you this, roy, because we have to hold out the possibility that your father may be hiding from us.


you have shown no evidence of bacterial or viral infection.

i made a promise to always be truthful, but i wasn't.

i'v been trained to compartmenttalize.

spacecom requires you to complete a pre-launch psychological evaluation.


okay, not too snug?   /   yeah, it feels all right.


watch the step. duck your head.

third seat, to your right.




we remind you the moon is borderless.

many mining zones are disputed territory and considered to be in a state of war.


all the hopes we ever had for space travel covered up by drink stands and t-shirt venders.

just a recreation of what we're running from on earth.


the launchpad is on the other side of no man's land.

he accused me of being a traitor.


spacecom's trying to impugn a man who's given his entire life to the program.

i think it's despicable or desperate at best


we've been having trouble with pirates since september.

some countries have been giving them safe haven.

three years over the Arctic Circle

please maintain situational awareness.


never ceases to amaze me.

i can't ID any national markings.

roger, moving to flank you.

alpha, we're gonna go off path to reach the far side.

i have a puncture.

we have multiple enemy craft in pursuit.

they're trying to ram us.

command, lieutenant is KIA (killed in action)

colonel Pruitt, we're picking up an irregular heartbeat through your system.




he's supposed to be my security blanket.

why does he still do it? why can't he just let go? my dad couldn't either.


major, we've been expecting you.

stand down, sergeant.


every minute counts.


they're oblivious to my purpose.



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